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Mobility Assistance

caregiver assisting her patient in walkingThe freedom to move, and move as you please is a gift. ?However, as we age, this gift loses its effectiveness. ?Many of us have to settle for lesser mobility due to health issues, disability and old age.

At Ameristar Healthcare Services, Inc., we acknowledge the gravity of this crisis. ?Because of such, we include caregivers in our team who can provide Mobility Assistance which involves but is not limited to:

  • Assistance with walking (Ambulatory)
  • Transfer/Bed /Chair (Wheel Chair)
  • Turn position in bed (Bedridden)
  • Assist with home exercises
  • Range of motion exercises

We want to push your mobility limits and help you gain more independence through time. ?All it takes sometimes is a hand to help you out. ?We want to be there for you when you need us. ?Call 301-474-7840 today to speak with a representative from Ameristar Healthcare Services, Inc. and arrange for mobility assistance services in your home or nursing facility.

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We also provide Assisted Living option.

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